Online sales growth is huge, and it’s continuing to accelerate at breakneck speed. In fact, U.S. e-commerce sales are expected to grow more than $50 billion dollars to nearly $350 billion by the year 2016. A significant driver of this growth should not be ignored: Amazon.


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Our Capabilities

A history of building and launching brands on Amazon, resulting in successfully outpacing globally recognized brands.

Amazon is a complex, data-rich marketplace that very few have the understanding and real-world experience to take advantage of.

With a proven recipe for success on Amazon spanning the entire lifecycle from item setup and item launching to driving rankings, reviews, and sales, we’re your one-stop Amazon solution.

Meet Our Team

A managing team comprising of top Amazon sellers and leaders with experience in managing brands and categories for the world's largest retailer across all aspects of the business including marketing, supply chain, merchandising, and financial management.

John W. Collins


Rick Sauls

President & CIO

Stormey J. Collins

Chief of Staff

Zeb Undernehr

VP Business Operations

Kelli Kilgore

Content Developer

Mychael Stewart

Account Specialist

Stefanie Hammett

VP Client Operations

Madeleine Smith

Senior Content Manager

Taylor Ward

Content Developer

James Whiting

Senior Graphic Designer

John Pennington

Director of Business Development

Serena Green

Account Manager

Braden Posehn

Digital Ad Specialist

Juan Marques

Senior Operations Manager

Sonny Day

eCommerce Technician

How We Partner

With a defined 5-step process, we partner with brands looking to grow their business on the Amazon marketplace. Entailing an initial product and category audit to prioritizing the growth strategy to ongoing product management, our mission to thrive on Amazon.

  • Audit - A.S.A.P

    Proprietary audit & rating system for the current state of key sales & discoverability factors.

  • Prioritize - M.A.R.K.

    Maximized Amazon Retail Kit: An exclusive method to prioritize product launch strategy.

  • Execute

    Work with brand to follow through on M.A.R.K. product launch growth strategy.

  • Insights

    Utilizing Amazon Retail Analytics Premium (ARA Premium) provide data-driven insight .

  • Grow Sales

    Ongoing management of product through all aspects of Amazon and global expansion.

Full-Service Amazon Product Management

For many high-growth brands, thriving on Amazon has proved to be a challenge. This is no better illustrated by how new, small unknown brands armed with this robust knowledge are consistently outselling much larger global brands. The classic David versus Goliath story. The fact is: you’re behind. We’d like to solve this problem for you.

167 + Launches
8771 Reviewers
67 #1 Best Sellers

Don't just list on Amazon

Thrive on Amazon

The riches are not found by simply listing on Amazon. You must thrive. A methodology played by a vastly different set of rules.

Only 19% of shoppers will click past the first page.

Placement is Key! Page 1 search ranking and on-site discoverability is the name of the game. Due to fierce product competition, knowing the right launch strategies to employ to spike Amazon’s complex search ranking algorithm is vital to a product’s success. With our vast product launch experience, we’ve honed an unparalleled launch sequence designed to position your brand’s products for optimal search ranking and discoverability.

Commonly Asked Questions

The Amazon Sales Aptitude Profile (A.S.A.P.) is OmniiX's proprietary audit and rating system for a product's current state of key sales and discoverability factors on Amazon. Request yours today.

Absolutely not. We are a full-service Amazon solution spanning the entire lifecycle from item setup and item launching to driving rankings, reviews, and sales.

Because we will work hand-in-hand through a comprehensive process of supply chain optimization, item setup, and an all-encompassing launch process the general product launch cycle is 3 months.

Through our relationships with Amazon Brand Managers & Buyers, we'll work to facilitate your brand onto the Amazon Vendor platform allowing advantages throughout the Amazon marketplaces.




Insights & Analytics

Through Amazon Retail Analytics Premium we offer data-driven insight and tracking for competitive advantage and growth opportunities.

Global Expansion

Utilizing Amazon Business Development relationships & centralized FBA logistics, maximizing sales on a global level has never been easier.

Creative Content

Partner relationships give access to world-class product photography and full video production that will set your product apart.

Customer Communications

With a fully engaged customer communication strategy, you’ll place your brand ahead of the vast majority of Amazon sellers.

Amazon Marketplace Ads

By using little-known, high ROI Amazon marketplace advertising you’ll enhance your product discoverability and drive sales.

A+ Content

By incorporating Amazon’s new product description platform only granted to approved sellers, A+ Content can greatly increase conversion.


Take the First Step

Amazon Sales Aptitude Profile (A.S.A.P.)

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Our Brands

At OmniiX we measure our success by the success of our brands on the Amazon marketplaces. With complete focus on each individual item, we take full ownership and responsibility to not just get our brand's products listed, but to THRIVE with increased item visibility, higher rankings and stronger conversions.

Get Your Edge

Get Your Shave On

Aloha Therapy

Cat Litter System


Feminine Pads

Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Looking for a sweeter smelling nursery?

Good is Evol

Real-Life Good

Playtex Tampons


Your Secret Ingredient


The products people trust.



Womens Shave Gel


  • “We currently have a cat litter supplier that is using Omni-X for all their Amazon business. They have been very happy with every aspect of the process especially the structure and organization of Omni-X in getting their products listed on Amazon. I think a lot of the numbers Omni-X shared will be dependent on the amount you are willing to spend to get noticed and start getting the critical feedback and sales to drive placement on the first few pages of Amazon. Overall we have no complaints with Omni-X and will continue t build our partnership with them. I really like your products I have shared your site with my wife she loves candles. I wish you the best of luck with Amazon and the decision.”

    David McGrady | MMI (Consulting Firm)

  • “I administer the consolidation programs to Walmart Kroger and a few other retailers. Based here in NW Arkansas, and in this community now for 16 years, I am very familiar with the players behind OmniiX. OmniiX is revolutionizing the “e-retail industry, and has turned their grass roots, gorilla marketing available through Amazon, and turned Amazon success into a science. I am passionately on their side, and have seen the difference their work and results then make when a supplier goes to the Bentonville buyer for orders. Believe me, the more noise and sales you make on amazon, the faster your growth will be in all areas. Yes, totally impressed, like their model, would use them if I had any products to sell, and if you are already selling on A, you will see some fast growth by optimizing with OmniiX.”

    Rob Farinholt | Casestack

  • “I have been in NWA for over 12 years and happen to know most companies. John Collins and Rick Sauls (OmniiX) are very knowledgeable and have not only the skills to get the job done for you, but they are one of the few ECOMMERCE companies that truly understand this space. I would recommend them to my closest customers for”

    Mike Bynoe | Retail Integrity

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The first of its kind, OmniiX has developed a platform that provides full, hands-off product management by Amazon experts. Tell us a bit about your brand and let's get started A.S.A.P.


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