Near Real Time Data

See pending and shipped orders at a glance with immediate visibility of promo code discounts and profitability by order item.

Customer Management

See customer information and maintain custom data values per customer. Simply decide, name the data to be collected and forget it.

Inventory Management

See the stock positions of all active products and get suggested reorder quantities to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Sales Reporting

Track Vendor Central shipped COGs and forecasting by month with visual charting to compare year on year growth.

SKU Performance

Drill down to individual ASINs to get a gauge for product velocity, sales trends and highlight top ASIN performance. 

Goal Tracking

Incorporate customizable growth goals to see how well you're tracking across product groups or if an extra push is needed.

Complete Ad Performance

Know which ads are performing and which ones are not so you can drive incremental sales throughout the Amazon marketplace.

Advertising Console

Track Advertising Console (Vendor Central) and Sponsored Ads (Seller Central) KPIs to see wholistic ad performance in a central dashboard.

Deep Ad Metrics

Track by brand, category or any custom product grouping to see ACoS, ROAS, ad placement parting, spend and budget levels.

All the data. All the time.

BigAssKPIs communicates directly with the Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms to continuously pull in up to the minute information like daily sales metrics, profitability, listing changes, unauthorized seller activity, and inventory levels all delivered at a glance to take action at a moment's notice.

Profit Metrics

Seller Activity

Daily Sales Metrics

Powerful Alerts

Item Management

Inventory Tracking

Wake up.
Check up.
Carry on.

Sales metrics on the daily.

Consider this the easy button. From here on out you'll be able to choose a time frequency to receive an email laced with the vital stats from yesterday's business for every marketplace for all of your active products. Need to export to an external tool? No problem. We'll provide the data in Excel format, just to save you a little time. Thank us later.

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A holistic view of your entire Amazon advertising metrics. Together, at last.

Adapted to meet your unique needs.

With BigAssKPIs you can now track Vendor Central's Advertising Console and Seller Central sponsored ad performance in a central location inside the dashboard. With the ability to track by brand, category or any custom product grouping, see visual tracking of ACoS, ROAS, ad placement parting, spend and budget levels.

Dive down for deep ad metrics.

Gain an advantage over the competition.

In addition to overall category or product grouping KPIs, dive down to deeper metrics to view daily performance of impressions, clicks, and sales to easily spot trends and gain actionable insights.

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See a significant increase in Amazon business


Gain a dedicated Amazon expert for success


Average Amazon data refresh rate in BigAssKPIs

Vendor Central sales reporting like never before.

Forecast sales growth down to the SKU level.

Track Vendor Central shipped COGs and forecasting by month with visual charting and compare year on year growth.

Also track customizable growth goals to see how well you are tracking or if an extra push is needed.

Easily focus on top performing ASINs.

Gain actionable insights on HERO items.

How’s a specific ASIN performing? Now drill down to individual ASINs to get a gauge for product velocity, sales trends and highlight top ASIN performance to keep a keen eye on HERO items.

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A match made in heaven.
Meet your customer.

Your customers believe in your brand. Now engage with them on a whole new level.

This is it. With Seller Central and BigAssKPIs you can see all of your customers, all of the time, updated in real time. Allowing you to cross sell down to the customer level and create special promotions based on the products that customers have purchased. Know which customers are profitable and true brand ambassadors. More importantly, know the demographics of these customers so you can discover more just like them. See customer lifetime value in seconds so you know can determine optimal advertising strategies. And, this is just the beginning. We've built this functionality so that you're in control. Capture what you like, leave the rest.

Product insights like never before.

The gate to product data is now open.

Never before has this much product data been made available in such detail. You can now assign nicknames to products for easy product tracking or flexible financial reporting. Tag products with an unlimited number of identifiers like "end of season" or "discounted". Find out at a moment's notice exactly where your inventory resides within Amazon's fulfillment center network. And, track every Amazon fee down to the individual transaction level on the fly.

Set it & forget it inventory management.

Stay stocked. No guesswork involved. 

We've taken the grueling task of inventory management and put it on complete autopilot. At any given time you can now see the current stock positions for all active products - including any inbound or reserved inventory. We've gone a step further and also included the reason for any reserved stock as well. For multi-country sellers, we've added the ability to distinguish between local and total inventory positions for a true inventory picture. For cashflow management, you can also see exactly how much inventory costs you have at Amazon fulfillment centers. And, with the ability to see a breakdown of inventory age bands, long-term storage fees will be a thing of the past.

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Profit in plain sight. In real time.

The Profit Metric tool.

With the Profit Metric tool you can effortlessly see pending orders along with immediate visibility of promo or coupon code usage. This would take days to reconcile with Seller Central alone. Also included are refunded orders, the reason and any applicable discount amounts or percentages. Most importantly, the tool calculates profit for every order. This is accounting made easy.

Say goodbye to unauthorized sellers.

Meet the Red Alert tool. 

Unauthorized sellers, hi-jackers, parasites, regardless of the name, they pose great risk to your brand and listings. Loss of the buy box and listing changes are just two of them. While you can't monitor your listing at all times, we can. We'll notify you of important events affecting your business by email, text or within the dashboard. The Red Alert tool displays the number of unready notifications and links to detailed notifications.

PPC Domination. Automagically.

The PPC Profit dashboard.

The new PPC Profit dashboard was designed with simplification in mind. The dashboard is an all-in-one platform for all campaigns, keywords and search terms for Amazon Sponsored Ads. Simply clicking on any campaign reveals deep ad statistics like impressions, clicks, average cost per click, spend, sales, ACoS, conversion rate and, of course, profitability. We’ve also come up with a new metric: ACoP or advertising cost of profit. When it comes to PPC management, we believe this metric to be one of the strongest KPIs to drive PPC success.

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