The Next Chapter for OmniiX

Today, I am excited to officially announce that OmniiX has been acquired by Society Brands, an ecommerce aggregator built for and by founders.

COVID-19: The Pandemic that Pushed Amazon

We’re four months into 2020 and, if you ask most people, we’re not off to a very strong start. Many of those who excitedly said good riddance to 2019 are now looking back longingly at the days when simple luxuries, like getting basic necessities at the grocery store, were not only possible, they were pretty much guaranteed.

Hey, Alexa? Optimize My Amazon Content for Voice Search

Smart speakers are one of the fastest-growing device segments in the consumer technology market today. As smart speaker adoption continues to rise, the need for voice search content optimization has become more critical than ever. Early optimizers will position themselves ahead of their competitors, achieving strong voice search rankings that will effectively grow their brand long-term.

Amazon Cracks Down on Product Titles: Only to Backtrack Days Later

Sellers were in an uproar after receiving word that Amazon changed their product title requirements, limiting the maximum length to just 50 characters. Just weeks after the announcement was made, Amazon seemingly backtracked on the new policy without saying a word. Amazon’s recent actions have left many sellers wondering why the update was made to begin with and whether this change should be considered a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Content is Critical: The Significance of Compelling Copy in eCommerce

81% of all purchasing decisions are made up of items on the first page of search results. In January 2018, on Amazon alone, there were over 562 million items listed in the U.S. (Globally – over 3 billion items were listed). With only 16-32 listings on the coveted first page, it is crucial that your listing makes it to page one. The key? Compelling content.

Amazon Advertising: No Longer an Option

As digital advertising continues to grow, having a budget behind ad management becomes more and more mandatory. Amazon Advertising is no exception. Trailing Google and Facebook at approximately $6 billion in ad spend revenue in 2018, Amazon has quickly become the 3rd largest player in the digital ad space.