Amazon Advertising: No Longer an Option

As digital advertising continues to grow, having a budget behind ad management becomes more and more mandatory. Amazon Advertising is no…

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Content is Critical: The Significance of Compelling Copy in eCommerce

81% of all purchasing decisions are made up of items on the first page of search results. In January 2018, on Amazon alone, there were over…

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Amazon Cracks Down on Product Titles: Only to Backtrack Days Later

Sellers were in an uproar after receiving word that Amazon changed their product title requirements, limiting the maximum length to just 50…

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Hey, Alexa? Optimize My Amazon Content for Voice Search

Smart speakers are one of the fastest-growing device segments in the consumer technology market today. As smart speaker adoption continues…

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COVID-19: The Pandemic that Pushed Amazon

We’re four months into 2020 and, if you ask most people, we’re not off to a very strong start. Many of those who excitedly said good…

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The Next Chapter for OmniiX

Today, I am excited to officially announce that OmniiX has been acquired by Society Brands, an Amazon aggregator built for and by founders.

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