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The Next Chapter for OmniiX

Today, I am excited to officially announce that OmniiX has been acquired by Society Brands, an ecommerce aggregator built for and by founders.

COVID-19: The Pandemic that Pushed Amazon

We’re four months into 2020 and, if you ask most people, we’re not off to a very strong start. Many of those who excitedly said good riddance to 2019 are now…

Hey, Alexa? Optimize My Amazon Content for Voice Search

Smart speakers are one of the fastest-growing device segments in the consumer technology market today. As smart speaker adoption continues to rise, the need…

Amazon Cracks Down on Product Titles: Only to Backtrack Days Later

Sellers were in an uproar after receiving word that Amazon changed their product title requirements, limiting the maximum length to just 50 characters. Just…




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