Today, I am excited to officially announce that OmniiX has been acquired by Society Brands, an ecommerce aggregator built for and by founders.

An Announcement from John W. Collins, CEO and Founder of OmniiX

In 2015, Rick Sauls, Stormey Collins and I founded Omniiwith a vision of helping CPG brands navigate the complexities of selling on the Amazon platform. Since the start, our mission has been simple – to be the world’s foremost brand advocate for selling on Amazon and deliver eCommerce visibility and branding success for our partners.

The last seven years have yielded tremendous success for our company and those we’ve partnered with. We’ve serviced hundreds of consumer product companies, built lifelong relationships and managed over $500MM in revenue and $50MM in advertising spend for our clients.

The Next Chapter for OmniiX

Today, I am excited to officially announce that OmniiX has been acquired by Society Brands, an ecommerce aggregator built for and built by founders.

An Exciting Step Forward

This is a bold and exciting step forward for OmniiX and the next natural evolution for our business. Society Brands has a truly unique model and deal structure that creates alignment with founders while enabling them to take their brand to new heights by sharing best practices and resources.

A core segment of our team will join the Society Brands team to lead the growth of acquired companies, with Rick Sauls, Stefanie Hammett and the remainder of the OmniiX team maintaining a full focus on our rapidly growing Amazon cost recovery business – chargeguard.

In my twelve years as an Amazon seller and then as an Amazon agency owner with an absolutely phenomenal team, I’ve seen firsthand the power of winning combinations and how that benefits not just a brand, but everyone involved.

I couldn’t be prouder of the OmniiX team and the outstanding work and dedication that’s been produced over the years. I can’t wait to see how the collective teams continue that work at Society Brands and at chargeguard.

About Society Brands

Society Brands is a tech-enabled consumer products company that acquires e-commerce native brands that primarily sell on Amazon and their own DTC sites. The company was built for and by founders, providing entrepreneurs meaningful liquidity while at the same time affording them an opportunity to stay on board, build their brand and roll equity into Society Brands’ platform. For more information, please visit